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"A window into the music in you"

About Ventana

Who are Ventana?

You might have noticed that Ventana photos aren't extremely detailed and there's a good reason we don't list band members.

Ventana is a different kind of band; we're a bunch of musicians who like people and we love to get out in the real world...but we also have jobs. So Ventana allows diverse musicians to build a common repertoire, to set up gigs, and to know that we can field a band that knows the material when we hit the stage.

So if you see Ventana with a different bassist or lead guitarist, it wasn't a personnel change. Someone is probably on a business trip, or on vacation, or we just wanted a different sound for the venue. Instruments include:

•Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Sax, Mandolin, Cello, Violin

•Female and Male vocals

This also explains the "Musician's Network" label and musicians are welcome to give us a call if you want to hang out!

Why Ventana = A Window Into the Music in You

Ventana is the Spanish word for window and we want to be a Window into the Music in You..but what does that really mean?

Radio and TV focus on a few songs for a while and then throw them away until they become classic or someone remakes them. They also try to average the sound that will sell the most pop, pickups, or hair coloring. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, the web publishes everything with such equal billing that it can be a real chore to find something that stands out.

So Ventana is the window into the exceptional tunes that either made it through the cheese grater...or should have made it through, or will never make it through... but boy do they taste good.

Were talking about the songs that hook the first time and make you want to find out who wrote it...or remind you how much you enjoyed it before and makes you wonder what its been doing ever since.

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