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"A window into the music in you"

See Ventana soon!

Where does Ventana play?

Not to sound too much like a Caribbean Cruise Line, but we go:

Where you wanna go, we do what you wanna doParties are our favorites (did we mention that we like ribs?)Special events- But there are limitations...sorry we will not wear costumes under any circumstances, even though we recognise the honor of headlining the Zucchini and Small Furry Animal festival

Bars and Clubs can make sense, especially for events, but standing gigs are also possible..let's talk.

See News and Events for posted and public gigs


June 4th- SEE VENTANA BANDS AT Race Unitiy Day


American Cancer Society- Relay For Life, Raleigh NC


30th- Demo recording- All members

7-8pm- for more details



Raleigh Durham

We're pretty much a North Carolina band, with lots of outside influences (A cajun fathered percussionist for example). It doesn't really influence our sound, but we really like the people.

But if you need us to take a full expense paid gig in Hawaii, we're willing to take a look at the calendar. However, most of the time, we're looking at Chapel Hill clubs, Hillsboro St, and don't forget Business parties for the RTP, Soccer events, block parties...there's a lot going on around Raleigh Durham as you have probably noticed.

But the mountains and beaches are only a few hours away, so you should take Ventana along on your next out of town event so we can make sure we've got a "Window into the Music in You"!

But if you live in Raleigh, Durham, or Cary you really need to book Ventana for your next event!

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