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"A window into the music in you"

What does Ventana sound like?

Ventana plays a mix of Rock and Pop with Blues overtones and covers songs from various artists spanning the '80's , '90's and today - Maybe a country hit, or classic rock mixed in there, whatever works. See Why Ventana? for the philosophy of Ventana and more details.

With all this variety, what should you expect?

Familiarity...even the songs you've never heard should feel 'right'

Resonance...Ventana sets are fine tuned to get your attention

"A Window into the music in you"is our ultimate goal

Examples (Play italicized songs below):

Old - Let it be, Listen to the music, Put a little love in your heart, Wild Horses, Gimme ShelterClassic - Don't fear the reaper, What's so funny about peace love and understanding, Learning to fly, Losing my religion Newish - Breakaway, Dance, You and me, How to save a life, Real Gone, Boondocks

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