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"A window into the music in you"

Pronounced "Ven-tah-nah" ...does not rhyme with Montana:)

Ventana is a different kind of band; a Musician's Network that allows multiple musicians to handle multiple gigs...

As far as names :

•Ventana (Spanish for Window) is the name of the band that plays a wide range of rock, blues, and country covering the last 40 years.

•VentanaMusic is the musician's network that allows us to bring enough musicians together at any time to handle those gigs.

Under either tag, our motto is always "A Window Into the Music in You"and you can learn more by contacting us at VentanaMusic.Com

See photos on the photo page


Ventana was formed in 2004 when a bunch of Raleigh musicians decided it was time for a new approach to regional music and formed a musician's network that allows musicians who play a variety of instruments to concentrate on the same repertoire.

As a result, VentanaMusic has fielded many bands under the name Ventana...they all are similar (Rock/Bluesish sound covering the last 40 years)....but each one is a little different because the bassist from one week might be the keyboardist at the next gig.

As a result, Ventana bands are great for festivals, parties, business events, restaurants and bars.

See photos of all of these venues here...

Press Kit

What You Need to Know about Ventana/VentanaMusic

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